It’s not a matter of IF you experience Resistance, it’s a matter of how, when, and most importantly, the ways you navigate it when it comes for you. Personally, I’ve procrastinated my way to tens of thousands in tax debt, binged netflix till my eyes were burning and shot my adrenals chasing shadow priorities.


Everyone bumps up against Resistance. We all have to contend with it. Resistance is natural and normal and can also be debilitating, keeping you from what you care most about. Resistance can crush your dreams, sabotage your relationships, fan the flames of your fears and tell the most horrendous stories about who you are and what you’re capable of. 

And, for better or for worse, Resistance comes with wisdom. A wisdom that, if you can learn to listen to and be in right relationship with, can illuminate a path forward that will liberate you from its constraints.

Are any of these Voices of Resistance familiar to you?

Navigating Resistance is a self-paced course that takes a compassionate, nuanced and personalized approach to facing and freeing yourself from the patterns and voices that hold you back. 

In this course, I will lead you to:

  • Explore your unique Resistance Patterning and the ways it reinforces and strengthens itself. 
  • Uncover the hidden gifts, wisdom and purpose of the Resistance characters that arise, no matter what the context, and even when it seems like they’re all bad. 
  • Understand and pinpoint the exact moments that trigger your most challenging Resistance voices, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Develop a highly personalized, in-the-moment practice to face, work with and navigate your way out of an entrenched Resistance Pattern.
  • Experience the freedom to make new moves from a sovereign place and create the changes you’re seeking with self compassion and power.

Are you so done with Resistance?

$147 USD

What’s included:

Session 1

Getting Started

How we begin sets the stage for how we travel through and where we end up. This session establishes ways to engage with the work to receive the deepest and most sustaining results. Resistance can be slippery.

You will:

Establish a posture of listening, awareness and engagement that disarms resistance and associated defences.

Practice with the methods and content in curious, evocative ways.

Set a clear intention to direct you through all the way to the end of the course.

Session 2

An Encounter with Resistance

Concepts and theories are interesting, and even inspire awareness. But practice is where the goods get great. This Session gets right into practicing with resistance in visceral, grounded ways.


You will:

Unearth and become more intimate with the felt sense of resisting reality

Gain tools and moves that support deeper inquiry and clearer seeing

Know yourself more honestly and directly, even if you’ve done every ‘self-awareness/limiting belief’ exercise in the wisdow-tainment industry.

Session 3

Nature of Resistance

What is resistance? Why is it showing up -- again? What is it here to ensure?

This Session shines light in places where you’ll be like  “how have I not seen this before?” and then be like “oh right, that’s what resistance does, hides things from our view”.

You will:

Discover the role of the unconscious in perpetuating challenging resistance patterns.

See what your hard won identities have to do with the change that’s just not happening for you yet.

Illuminate the hidden purpose and gifts of your resistance.

Session 4

Your Resistance

What’s your flavour of Resistance?

This Session gets into the truth and grit of what you’re grappling with, exploring your unique flavour of resistance challenges.


You will:

Identify the exact patterns that arise in the face of the change or results you want to make happen.

Uncover what triggers your unique resistance and the ways it ripples out, for better and for worse. 

Gain access to new possibilities to move beyond the patterns that bind.

Session 5

Honouring + Overcoming Resistance

Hold your enemies closer. In this Session, we pull that resistance right in, let her whisper in our ear, heed those sweet nothings and escort her right out the front door.


You will:

Fall into a well of compassion and understanding for yourself and your limits

Find the secret back door to what your resistance truly needs to in order to loosen its grip.

Craft a specific, personalized, practice to carry with you and do over and over again, to meet, navigate and move through your unique resistance.

Navigating Resistance is a self-paced course. Start anytime and work through the Sessions in video or audio format in a way that works for you! 


Ready to dive in?

$147 USD

Hey I'm Chela! 

I’m an ICC Integral Master Coach™ and an ICF Master Certified Coach. For over a decade I’ve coached, taught and facilitated for leaders in a variety of roles, industries, countries and contexts. Be it 1 on 1, teams or groups, no single person of the hundreds I’ve worked with have faced the exact same challenges or held the same dreams. But you know what every human has had in common? Having to recon with their own resistance in the face of change.  

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Seriously we're at the bottom of the page - stop Resisting!

$147 USD


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